Strabismus in Shiraz


Strabismus is an eye condition that the eye deviates when looking at an object of regard. An object of regard is the target that the patient looks at. There are several types of Strabismus 

Constant strabismus – when eye turn occurs constantly 

Intermittent strabismus – when eye turn occurs sometimes 

Esotropia – inward turning of the eye 

Infantile Esotropia – cross-fixated, right eye is used to look to the left and left eye is used to look at the right 

Congenital Esotropia – Esotropia occurs from birth 

Intermittent Esotropia – outward deviation of the eye 

Hypertropia – upward deviation of the eye 

Duane’s syndrome – inability to move the eye away from the nose with widening the eye, retraction of the eye when attempting to look closer towards the nose and retraction of the eye

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After strabismus surgery

• Pain medication that will be prescribed by the ophthalmologist must be taken correctly and on time 

• Children can return to school after 3 days from the surgery 

• Adults are able to return to work after a week from the surgery 

• Swimming is restricted for 2 weeks after the surgery 

• The eye may be red for 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery


Strabismus surgery is usually done using general anesthesia for children and adults but local anesthesia is another option for adults. The surgery starts with the eyelids being held open with a lid speculum. A small opening is made through the conjunctiva to access the muscle. Then the muscle is either weakened, strengthened or moved to change its action, and then closed using dissolvable sutures. The surgery usually takes less than 1 to 2 hours to perform.


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